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Blood Eternal Slot Casino Game Review

Take a bite out of the supernatural Vampire genre, and satisfy your thirst for wins on a slot that is unlike anything you've tried before...

Traditionally, the original Dracula was a suave aristocrat, but with the flood of teen-movies and popular TV series suggesting that there are many clans of these bloodsuckers all over the world, this gothic genre has run amok with the faint-hearted, no longer confined to 17th century London...

So, if you consider yourself to be a modern day Van Helsing, ready to unleash your spinning power on this video slot, let's give you a couple of tools.

Oh, before we hand out ammunition, the one thing you need to bring to the table is nerves of steel (silver would be better) and if you're serious about winning, an appropriate way to deposit.

So, first up, these reels will disclose many pleasant surprises - but they don't yield the ultimate prize that easily. Let me explain:

Vampires are closely associated with bats, and that's where we'll start in reviewing this online game.

You may shriek and cover your hair, however, you may change your mind when you read this. No, you won't be playing russian roulette with your sanity, it's the opposite. Your bet needs these upside down creatures to flock onto the screen since they have the supersonic ability to let you win up to 50,000 on a single spin!

Deeply influential to all sharp-fanged melodrama is the hunter and the hunted, and on this video slot you are hunting wins, so this unusual quirk of this slot will please you"The Bats come in 2 versions. One version is a "normal" bat, the other is a double version. A kind of two-in-one. The x2 Bat Symbol acts as a normal BAT symbol, BUT on a line of 5x Bats, where two of them are x2 Bat Symbols, you will have a win of 7 Bats! Subsequently, there is a much greater number of wins with these Bat symbols than with any of the other symbols. Calculating up to 12 bats, you can win 50,000 on a single spin!

In a rather sneaky move, the Vampire symbols will trigger the free spins feature. I say "sneaky" because if a Human lands next to them on the reels, it all spins out of control (in a good way). The only thing is, the Humans are aware that this is a ploy and therefore very reluctant to appear. The Vampire Symbols only appear on reels 2 and 5 and the Human Symbols on reels 3 and 4.

Understandably the Humans in the video slot is openly petrified so you will need to be the hero.

As is expected from most slot games, there needs to be a wild symbol, and yes, there is one. It's just that this WILD is not disguised as anything - when the symbol reads WILD, it's exactly that.

For all those that enjoy online gambling, and especially playing online slots, you'll identify when I say that the pace at which reels spin can sometimes be extremely frustrating. Lucky for you, this slot gives you the option of a Turbo Play option. Whilst you're aiming for the non-progressive jackpot on this game, we recommend that you always play max bet, no matter what your coin choice is. Choose between to bet from 01c to $1,00 per spin.

The Blood Eternal video slot has a 3x6 set of expanded reels and since it's a double direction slot, you'll be cashing in on winning paylines from both directions.

Some decisions are in your own hands, like choosing to go for the Double Up Game after any standard win. The message is quite self-explanatory. You can either double the lot, or for those who practice caution, your can ignore or choose to only increase your wins by 50%. Whatever your choice, the effect is true for the vice versa as well.

For those that love a darker theme, some interesting options and a daring character, Blood Eternal may just be a winning choice.

Game Development by BetSoft. Bella Vegas Online Casino is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.